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Ashley Madison Survey Finds that 1 in 3 Americans Has Indulged in Kinky Play
Close to 80% Say They’re Open to Experimenting in Bed
(If Their Partner Asks them To)

When it comes to the bedroom, the South is a shade more experimental than the rest of America, according to a new Leger study commissioned by boundary-pushing Ashley Madison.

The first annual Ashley Madison Sex Shades Survey explores how sexually adventurous U.S. men and women report feeling during the lead-up to Valentine’s season. The survey polled 1500 American men and women, aged 25 years of age or older in early February 2017.

Good Communication & Trust Key to “Getting Kinky”

Overall, a whopping 86% of men and 71% of women say they are open to trying new things suggested by their partner in the bedroom – and when it comes to getting “kinky,” 85% of men and 77% of women say “good communication and trust” is important.

As Valentine’s movie debuts loom, more than 90% of Americans say they’re familiar with a well-known franchise that delves into erotic experimentation – and of those, 32% of women and 23% of men say that just hearing about the book or movie inspired them to try something new in the bedroom.

Although 50% of American men and 63% of women admit they’d prefer “movies and chill” over bedroom thrills this Valentine’s … the survey also shows that blindfolds, role play, and handcuffs are making it into American bedrooms.

Handcuffs Go Mainstream

Ashley Madison 2017 Annual Sex Survey

23% of American adults surveyed report trying handcuffs in the bedroom – and that practice is highest in the South, where one in four (26%) say they’ve locked up their lover.

Blindfolds in the Bedroom

A similar number (24%) have used blindfolds in the bedroom. In the Northeast, 19% say they’ve pulled out the blindfolds in bed – and 21% confess that although they haven’t tried blindfolds yet, they’d like to!

Acting Out in the Bedroom

Paging Dr. Feelgood! Role play is one of America’s favourite bedroom techniques – with three out of ten men and women surveyed reporting they’ve acted out their fantasies. Those in the Midwest and West are slightly less likely to report role play fun and games (26%) when compared to their counterparts in the South (34%).

Young lovers are the most adventurous when it comes to role play, with 42% of Americans aged 25 to 34 reporting they’ve engaged in bedroom drama.

American Men say they are More Adventurous

Overall, American men say they are more adventurous than their partner. 67% of men surveyed say they are the most adventurous, compared to 37% of women surveyed who say they are more sexually adventurous than their partner.

Almost 40% of men and close to 25% of women rate their partner’s level of sexual adventurousness as an “important” issue to them. For Americans who’ve had affairs, their partners’ interest in sexual adventures – and their reported experience with erotic experimentation – is higher than the national average.


Detailed regional breakout statistics and infographics are available for the South, Northeast, West, and Midwest.

Canadian provincial breakouts also available upon request.

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